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Shall we have a quick pint at the pub on the way home?

– Plato

I’m a 30-something-year-old bike-riding, gun-toting, computer-hacking, sax-whaling guy from Adelaide, South Australia.

I don’t partake in the social media racket. If you think you need to contact me, then you’re probably mistaken. If you can’t be persuaded otherwise, you can find my email address and other contact details below.


The HTML for this site is generated from Markdown using rc(1) and mk(1). For each HTML file you can view the corresponding source by replacing the html extension in the URI with an md extension. Generation of HTML from Markdown is automated by a mkfile and some rc scripts. All of this is served up by rc-httpd(8) on a vultr VPS running the 9front operating system.


You can contact me at alex@musolino.id.au or find me (as deuteron) in #cat-v on the Freenode IRC network. I have a face.1, if you want to see my ugly mug(1) in your faces(1) when you receive mail from me.

At some point it would be nice to have a résumé available here.